UV Air Purification


The team at Boise Clean Air wants you to have the freshest air possible — that’s why we offer UV air purifier installation.

Living in Boise comes with a lot of perks. Residents get the best in city living while still being only minutes away from forests, mountains and rivers. While the wilds of the West offer big skies and pristine beauty, you don’t always find the air inside your home or business as clean as the air outside.

In fact, the air in your home can be contaminated with a number of different organisms, some originating in your home and others that infiltrate from the outside.

To combat the intrusion of these microscopic particulates, Boise Clean Air suggests installing a UV air purification system.

Purer Air for Your Family

While your A/C filter traps dust and dirt in your HVAC system, it does nothing to prevent mold spores, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances from getting through and potentially infecting your family members. Inhaling these organisms into your lungs on a regular basis can cause long-term illness, including coughing, sneezing, congestion and other respiratory symptoms.

If you have infants, seniors or people with compromised immune systems living in your home, you’ll want to make your indoor air as clean as possible.

UV air purifiers, which are mounted onto your HVAC system, work by exposing bugs, spores, bacteria, pollen and other living organisms to high levels of UV-C radiation.

This powerful system quickly and easily eradicates these intruders through the use of UV radiation. This radiation kills any organic matter that enters your home through your air ducts. However, it only works in your air ducts and automatically shuts off when someone accesses your HVAC system, so your family and pets remain perfectly safe.

Air Purification for Your Boise Office

Business owners know how quickly colds or the flu make their way around the office, infecting employees and straining your business operations with their absences. And it’s not just the viruses and bacteria that your employees bring in that make people sick, it’s the contaminants in the air ducts too — mold spores, rodent droppings and more.

While some of these contaminants get caught in a traditional air filter, many are microscopic and slip through the barrier easily. That’s where the UV air purifier comes in. No living thing gets past this sentry posted on your HVAC unit to protect you.

Contact Boise Clean Air today to make an appointment to learn more about UV air purification and what it can do for your home or office.


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