A/C Coil Cleaning


Count on Boise Clean Air to make sure your A/C coils are clean, and your unit is in good working order.

The coils are an important part of your air conditioning system. Usually made of copper or aluminum, it’s their job to release the heat from your building to the outside, leaving you with the cool environment you want during the dog days of summer.

But over time, your A/C coils collect dust and dirt, and this hampers their function. It’s harder for the heat to transfer to the outside through the dirt, so your unit works harder and less efficiently. Regular cleaning of the coils makes your A/C’s job easier, and it makes the air inside your home cleaner. Keeping your unit in good shape also makes it last longer, and that saves you money.

We Make Your Air Cleaner

While you may have seen tutorials on DIY A/C coil cleaning with a garden hose, the truth is, this job has to be done correctly — and safely — to do any good.

First, the power to your A/C must be disconnected to avoid electric shock and damage to the unit. Here at Boise Clean Air, we employ a host of special tools to get your coils clean, including brushes and cleansers.

It’s true you can get some of the dirt off the A/C coils by hosing them down. But brushing away the heavier debris first and spraying on a coating of detergent results in much cleaner coils. When you’re rinsing the coils, it’s also important to aim the hose correctly to avoid bending and damaging any of the thinner aluminum parts of the unit.

For business owners, this chore is even more necessary, since units are typically bigger, and any problems with them can result in temporary closure and lost revenue.

How Often Do You Need A/C Coil Cleaning Service?

This depends on many factors, including the size of your system and property, how often you use your A/C, how often you change the filter and how much dust and dirt your system is exposed to.

Most A/C coils can benefit from a good cleaning at least once a year in the spring, just before the season starts.

WHY CHOOSE US to Clean Your A/C Coils?

Here are more reasons to entrust us with your equipment:

  • We only use state-of-the-art equipment.
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Our skilled technicians are courteous and professional./li>
  • We do background checks on all our workers.
  • We educate our customers about our A/C service and how it benefits them.
  • All our workers are extensively background checked
  • We educate our customers about their service and how it benefits them
  • We understand your time is important and are always on time!

Make your A/C’s job easier. Call Boise Clean Air today to schedule an A/C coil cleaning service.


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